Who is Barb Cook…

Barb, a neurodivergent person, formally diagnosed on the autism spectrum along with ADHD and phonological dyslexia at age 40, is editor-in-chief of Spectrum Women Magazine, an online publication for, and by, autistic women, non-binary and identifying individuals that currently provides a wealth of information to nearly one million unique readers each year. Barb is also editor and co-author of the internationally acclaimed book, Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism, which is being cited as a historically important book for autistic women.

Barb is a Developmental Educator and a registered NDIS provider for neurodiverse adults and has completed a Master of Autism (Education) with the focus on employment, where she also a tutor and research assistant at the University of Wollongong in Australia. Her current research project focuses on facilitating the voice and self-determination of autistic adults.

With a extensive history in advocacy work and a dedication to support fellow neurodiverse people, Barb’s comprehensive knowledge and personal insights, you are guaranteed to be connecting with someone who has lived everyday of their life experiencing the world from a different perspective. She has lived through the good and the bad, been misunderstood and confused by the world around her, but has navigated her way to turning her life around to one that serves her and thus, enabling her to better support those around her.

Barb offers valuable information, insights for life direction and provides support and validation. Her approachable and humourous personality will truly have you engaged and walking away with a sense of optimism that Barb imparts to those she connects with. Whether you wish to connect with Barb for one on one support and advice, or consult with Barb on how your workplace or educational environment can better serve and support neurodiverse people, or engage Barb in providing presentations and workshops, Barb will uniquely impart her valuable experience to everyone. It is with her knowledge and personal experience, that Barb can help fellow neurodiverse people in navigating the world, plus give support and advice to those who care for them, and impart her knowledge to employers, educators and professionals in working together to create fulfilling future outcomes.

Barb has presented at a variety of events, both nationally and internationally and is available for tailored presentations, workshops, events and consultations. For more information, please contact Barb HERE.

The Internationally Acclaimed Book

Spectrum Women​

Spectrum Women Walking to the Beat of Autism, in review…