Barb Cook

Master of Autism (Education) & Diploma of Health Science (Nutrition)

Developmental Educator, Autism & Neurodiversity Consultant, Employment Training, Author, Presenter.

Developing individualised learning strategies, tools and supports with positive outcomes for Neurodivergent people.

Services Barb provides

Barb is a Developmental Educator (DE) and Autism and Neurodiversity Consultant for neurodivergent teens and adults (autism, ADHD and dyslexia). As a Developmental Educator, Barb focuses on developing individualised learning strategies, tools and supports with positive outcomes for neurodivergent individuals across the lifespan.

Employment Training & Business Consulting Services

Training and tailored consulting delivered by NeuroEmploy provides essential knowledge on being a neurodiversity inclusive workplace, how to support neurodivergent employees and how to re-evaluate workplace design, policies and practices for all staff. Webinars, workshops and facilitated programs for neurodivergent people and staff have been designed by leading authorities in neurodivergent conditions and are delivered by neurodivergent people.

Developmental Educators, What do they do?

Developmental Educators are highly skilled multi-disciplinary disability specialists with passion and expertise in fostering the skills, independence and quality of life of individuals with developmental and/or acquired disabilities. They have a practical approach and work holistically across the life span to address issues which may affect the function, independence and social inclusion of individuals with disability, their families and carers.




Employment Services

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