Events & Workshops

Work To Your Strengths Workshop

A short monthly workshop on resume writing & exploring interests/careers

  • Structure your Resume
  • Showcase your Skills
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing
  • Finding and Matching Key Skills in an Advertisement
  • Sample Resume Templates
  • Writing a Resume with No Previous Work Experience
  • Conclude with a Project and Add Hours to the Resume

*We welcome self-managed and third party managed NDIS participants. Check with LAC/Plan Manager

Dates: 25/2/2022  –  25/3/2022  –  6/5/2022  –   27/5/2022  –  24/6/2022  –  22/7/2022

Time: 12pm to 2pm

Venue: Holland Park (TBC)


Price: $1250

Age: 14-17 Years and their Parents/Carers attend as well

Facilitators: Barb Cook; Development Educator, Autism & Neurodiversity Consultant
                         Radhika Tanksale; Director Social Space Community