Ever wonder what I get up to, where I am going or how you can catch up with me? Well, here is a really nifty and simple way to stay in the know of my latest news, upcoming events, workshops, presentations and the like. Sign up to my regular — I won’t say weekly as I am never that organised, well, actually, on the other hand I could get hyper-focused and send you three in a week; you get my drift — mailer that will keep you in my close-knit group of people who will know first what’s happening with me. Hopefully you won’t know before I do as that could be quite unnerving …

So, SIGN UP below using the quick and easy subscription form and before you know it I will be popping up in your inbox to say G’day! Remember to add me to your contact list so I don’t end up in your spam folder. It can get quite scary in there, and I am sure you value what I have to say. I promise I won’t ask you for your bank account details so I can send you $5 million…

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