8 best books about autism – Lydia Wilkins, The Independent Newspaper

Full article and reviews originally published here by the Independent Newspaper: 8 Best Book About Autism Spectrum Women Walking to the Beat of Autism – Number 1, INDY/BEST BUY Except, from the review: The original research surrounding Asperger’s syndrome and autism was largely based around men, leading to the initial diagnostic criteria. Asperger’s syndrome is … Read more

Why I Write…

I am addicted to paper and pens. There… I have said it! The very first book I held within my tiny hands mesmerised my soul. I was completely in awe at the pictures of Ancient Egyptians that were laid before me. I was three at the time, and my brother so fondly remembers that I … Read more

Bikers for Autism Australia: Together we ride to enrich each others lives…

The luxurious content heavy and the visually delicious Driven Women Magazine, is the world’s first women’s motoring magazine. This magazine is a sheer delight to read and expands your mind to the knowledge and adventures that women around the world have in the motoring scene. As a feature writer and a motorcycle reviewer for this … Read more

Barb Cook on the Autism Gender Gap, Being a Chameleon and Finding Your Tribe

Barb Cook is founder and editor in chief of the international publication Spectrum Women Magazine, co-founder and director of the Australian Autism Aspergers Network Inc., and founder of Bikers for Autism Australia. Barb is a passionate autism advocate, keen motorcyclist with a love for visual arts. Barb has been recognised nationally and internationally for her work spanning from … Read more

Meet the Spectrum Women Book Authors: Barb Cook

Reproduced from spectrumwomen.com  The Spectrum Women and authors of this book, Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism, felt it would be a great opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves and the reasons why we were part of this incredible project. Each Spectrum Woman has a unique story to tell and today, on … Read more

The dark history of Hans Asperger emerges, the doctor the disorder was named after.

Originally published in Mamamia HERE. Story by HELEN VNUK The term “Asperger’s” has become a part of our language. But with the evidence of Hans Asperger’s links to Nazi child-killing, should we all just stop using the terms? Asperger was an Austrian paediatrician who worked in Vienna during WWII. For many years he was seen as a hero. The … Read more